Kathryn Cartwright

Kathryn took a leap of uncertainty as she embarked into the writing world.

Long ago, she wrote books during her childhood, and promptly had well meaning adults nudge her to a different path.

One of her favorite memories was being selected as a 6-year old to go to the county Young Authors’ Conference. Kathryn’s story, “A Christmas Rat” allowed teachers to see her imagination. For Kathryn, breathing and reading existed in a natural rhythm. Kathryn read and escaped and learned. A love of words, and the pictures they form, filled Kathryn’s life then and now.

Going to college brought her to a crossroads – did she love writing enough or was it editing her true talent? At the time, she chose editing, and also enjoyed writing newspaper article for The Chimes.

With choices made, she learned life lessons happening for her. Every experience became a healing step in her growth process. In 2018, Kathryn decided that sharing her stories, vulnerable and authentic as possible, would help others.

Below you will find the stories that she wrote – all non-fiction and all with uplifting ways to help yourself.

Where you can purchase them:

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Calling All Earth Angels and Healers The Untethered Woman Wild Women Rising Life Is A Gift Loving You Mother Self-Queen

Autographed copies can be ordered at Kathryn’s Store