Fun Facts

This is the page where all the about me lives.

Family Life?

I have the blessing of 4 children, and 1 fur baby; my life has moments of chaos and moments of quiet. I love each moment as it comes, and while I kicked the idea of perfect to the curb, I know my path to an extraordinary life is visible every moment, thanks to my Lifebook lifestyle.

What are my go to books to read?

I read just about everything, except horror and thrillers. I enjoy my good night’s sleep more, so a few fiction genres are out of my reading. For non-fiction, lately I have had books that enhance my category of focus areas, but also have a healthy to be read pile of others.

If you could re-do one part of your life what would it be?

There are very few parts that I would change; each part that wasn’t as fun brought me life lessons and growth. However, there is one moment in time a friend invited me to come overseas to visit for a couple weeks, and I didn’t go for various reasons – some valid, and some because I had a fear of flying over the ocean… Who am I kidding? I am not fond of air flights in general even today, but have stopped letting that fear stop me from going somewhere I want to go.

If you could go back to tell your childhood self one thing, what would it be?

To listen to myself more because my knowledge of my life path, and of who I am, is not anything anyone else could have known at the deep soul level. To not loose that inner knowing in an effort to be more “normal.” (Whatever normal actually is – as that definition is about as loose as can be.)